R22 Carry-On Black
R22 Carry-On Black
R22 Carry-On Black
R22 Carry-On Black
R22 Carry-On Black
R22 Carry-On Black
R22 Carry-On Black

R22, Carry-On

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$455 CAD
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$455 CAD


The R22 Qualifies for Free Shipping in Canada!

Meet the perfect carry-on. Made from the best materials and components that money can buy. Hand crafted in Canada.

** Includes Riser Luggage Shelves unless selected without above **

TSA-approved, and safe to fly. Read more here. 


Exterior measurements 22.5” x 14.75” x 9.9”

Interior measurements 20.5” x 13.25”
Weight 7.2 lbs
Capacity 44.1L
Measurements include wheels.

Designed to work perfectly

RISER, luggage shelf


JUMPER, ride along bag

100% Polycarbonate Shell

One of the strongest materials known for luggage. So strong they even use this material for bullet=proof glass.


World renowned low profile 360* spinner wheels with patented Silent Run technology

Scratch-resistent shell

Using our own custom texture, RISETEX™

Award-winning design

Developed by the luggage industry's leading product designer, we bring you the Glider carry-on. The first and only zipperless luggage complete with a unique removable liner, whopping 1.5" compression straps, and automatic closing handles. 

Zippers are unsecure and break easily

Don't worry, we all cram as much as humanly possible in our luggage.

Ah! Spilled the suncreen, again!


Customizing your Glider with a unique liner

Crafted in Canada.

Not made in China