Why Everyone Should Travel Alone At Least Once

traveling-alone-1096848-TwoByOneTravelling is, for most people, a exciting endeavour to be taken on with family, friend or a significant other. If for nothing else, the memories you will create on your travels will be a talking point in your friendship for quite some time. As fun as travelling with others might be, there's something to be said about an adventured taken on all on your own that makes it different from any other trip. Especially for those with wanderlust whose friends and family haven't been bitten by the travel bug in the same way, it's important to get comfortable with traveling alone safely. Here's just a few reasons everyone should travel alone at least once in their lives.

traveling-aloneRun On Your Own Schedule

Rolling solo means you get to stick to your own schedule completely, freeing you up to explore the things you want and skip the stuff you don't. Large groups can be fun, but they often mean sticking with said group for the entire duration of your trip. Unless everyone in the group just so happens to want to partake in the exact same activities (kudos if you find such a group!) it's likely that your or someone else's personal bucket list may get scrapped. Travelling solo alleviates all of that and gives you the chance to do the things that interest you the most.  

Get To Know Yourself

Travelling is one of the best times for introspection and self reflection, in a way you may not be able to do with other people around. Whether new scenery offers you inspiration or a life epiphany, or just proves to you that you can handle tense or stressful situations like being lost in a new city, traveling alone builds characters in more ways than one. Especially if its something you thought you could "never do", all the more reason to challenge yourself by hitting the road with just your Rise Gear luggage.  

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone1414119221116

Travelling with friends or family means having a built-in social circle and it's unlikely you will go outside of it since you don't have to. Travelling alone will push and encourage you to strike up random conversation with those around you. Even if you're in a country where you're not fluent in the language, your attempt will likely be appreciated and you'd be surprised how much you can get from non-verbal communication! Depending where you go, you may also find like-minded travellers and ex-pats who might even be from the same city you are.  Meeting new people abroad will not only serve as helpful while you're there, but it may become a life-long connection for any time you plan to travel some more!  


While many people enjoy the high energy of being part of a large group, that's not everyone's idea of relaxation. Find something that relaxes you most and enjoy it - uninterrupted. Whether you go it alone or with friends, make sure to pack in your Rise Gear luggage.