Top 5 Cities in Canada You Need to Visit

Going on a trip doesn't always mean a new stamp in your passport. With a country as vast and diverse as Canada, there's tons to see without leaving our borders. As Canadians tend to favour international travel to domestic, it can be easy to forget the awesome destinations we have right here at home. We give you a list of the top 5 cities in Canada that you need to visit (if you haven't already!) toronto-hotel-promotional-pkg-top   Banff, Alberta A favourite destination for avid skiers and snowboarders, Banff is definitely a city that speaks to lovers of the outdoors. For those who don't ski, restaurants filled with great beer and food, hot springs & the city's natural beauty and landscape make up for it. Banff   Whistler, BC Whistler is home to North America's largest ski resort, so naturally it's known as a dream destination for skiers, who come to take advantage of their long ski season (Mid-November to August) and beautiful, snowy terrain. Besides that, a wide array of restaurants and a bustling nightlife provide the perfect backdrop to this exciting city. Beuatiful clear night in Whistler Village after fresh snow   Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Charlottetown exemplifies the quiet sea-side life The Maritimes are known for. You can venture through Old Charlottetown, which feels like going back in time; or visit the home Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery based her tales of Anne of Green Gables. Naturally, seafood is a big part of the food culture and there are many restaurants to get your fill of cod, lobster, shrimp and bass; among other things. PEI   Quebec City, Quebec Billed as the most romantic city in Canada, Quebec City has an old world charm and European sensibilities. It's beautiful streets are some of the most visited in Canada, and the rich culture of this historic city shows up in architecture, food and art. It's the perfect way to experience French and Acadian culture without leaving the country. Quebec-City-Canada   Toronto, ON Canada's largest cities is home to one of the most diverse populations on the planet, and has all the trapping of any progressive metropolitan centre. Art galleries, museums, live shows, restaurants of every type of food you can think of are just a few of the great things about this city. Whether you enjoy the fast-pace of the downtown core, or prefer to a bit closer to nature in one of the many nearby suburbs, Toronto has something for everyone toronto_cn_tower_500   All in all, there's lots of Canada to explore so it's important to take advantage. As most people frequent the same areas and spaces in their daily routine, exploring your own city is just as important. Start small, go on short road trips and discover all that Canada has to offer!