Things Not To Pack For A Vacation

We've all been guilty of overpacking our luggage at one time or another. We convince ourselves that we need more essentials than we actually do, ignoring the fact that we technically can survive with just a carry-on even for up to a week of travel. It can be difficult to separate from our stuff, leaving it behind for a few days or more. But often times it does nothing but take up space in our luggage and we run the risk of misplacing it or losing it forever. To help your elimination process along, here's our list of things not to pack for a vacation.Packing

Just In Case Outfit/Shoes

Many of us are guilty of packing things we think we might need; figuring "better safe than sorry." The reality is, the fact that you even view it as a "maybe" item means you're not going to wear it. The mystery fancy dinner you worry about stumbling upon on your trip to the islands usually never happens. Keep that suitcase space free and opt for clothing items that work in multiple settings and can take you from day to night; and shoes that work with every outfit. stryjek-41304700-600x400

Workout Gear

The most dedicated among us may actually break out the running shoes and stick to our workout routine but let's face it, the majority of us will be too busy enjoying our vacation to be thinking about any such routine; especially if you're in a hot country where you're sweating already. Save the space and leave the clunky gym shoes at home. If you must get your body moving, a walk to see the sights of of the area in comfortable walking shoes should do the trick.mec-spring-_u4a3495-running

Excessive Hair Products

That's what travel-sized toiletries are made for! Skip that brand new, full-sized bottle of shampoo and grab the plane-ready version for your getaway. Some brands don't make smaller versions of their products, so in that case spring for a set of empty travel sized bottles to squeeze some into from your larger bottle. Products-for-curly-hair

Things of Extremely High Value

Unfortunately, the treat of theft is very real when travelling; as is simply misplacing something in a place you may never go to again. There's many ways to keep your things safe and sound, but with certain items, sometimes it's a better idea to just leave it at home altogether. Expensive jewelry, high-priced electronics and irreplaceable keepsakes are things that you're much better off just leaving at home. [ File # csp3116208, License # 3128713 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / kvkirillov

Things The Hotel Should Already Have

This is a big one. Often, in our quest to be ready for anything, we forget that there's some things we'll have when we get there. Not only does it take up precious space in your suitcase, but when you get to the hotel you'll likely use the provided item and not your own. Towels, body wash, soap and other toiletries will be readily available once you check in, so no need to pack it and add unnecessary weight to your luggage .pink_towel When it comes to packing, the key is get all the essentials in without overloading your luggage. Sometimes trying to remember everything causes us to forget a crucial item. Create a list for yourself of the items you'll absolutely need and go from there. As always, pack smart in one of our Rise Gear bags. Happy Travels!