Protecting Yourself From In-Flight Theft

UP-BAGGAGE-articleLargeUnfortunately, travelling can be risky business if you're not careful and in-flight theft is something travellers have to seriously consider. We usually have our guards up for what goes down in airport lounges and luggage carousels, but tend to feel like the plane is a safe haven where everyone is just trying to reach their destination. It's important to take extra precautions with your luggage so you reach your destination with everything you took off with. Here are just a few of our tips.

Keep Everything Close

One of the best defences from theft is keeping your valuable posses close at hand or on your person during the flight. This could mean in your hand, around your neck, behind your back or in your pockets, depending on what it is. The closer it is to you, the more likely you are to feel if anyone is trying to take it from you. It's important to be mindful about what kinds of items you put where so you're not overloading your pockets or making items more noticeable in the first place - as pickpocketing is still something you should be aware of.

Keep It Zipped & Locked

With overhead carry-on storage, it's important to safeguard your items to make it difficult for people to potentially take things from it - if not the whole thing. While it's likely the bag will be storage directly above or in close proximity to you, people leave their seats and fall asleep on flights all the time, unfortunately adding a bit of risk. Making sure your bags are properly closed, zipped,  and with any locks you may have will be essential to keep it all safe. In-flight theft relies on the ability to do it quickly and easily, being that it's in an area where there's many other passengers that could see them; so it's important to make the whole thing as difficult as possible for any potential thieves to remove your items. Rise Gear bags come designed with high quality zippers as well as holes to fit various travel-sized locks from

holiday-packing-blogBury The Good Stuff

Another great trick is to keep your most valuable items buried deep in your carry on luggage, underneath and wrapped in clothes and other items to hide it from plain sight in the event that someone opens it. A thief will likely not want to call too much attention to themselves by rummaging through your bag for a long period of time, so not having it be the first thing they see when they open it is a great defence.

Place Your Bags Backwards

Another great tip when it comes to carry-on luggage is to load the bag into the overhead storage with the bag's opening facing the wall by flipping it upside down. Coupled with burying your valuables deep in your bag, it's much more difficult to simply grab items out of a bag, as much more effort will have to go into taking it out of the overhead storage to begin with - something that would probably alert you to what's going on.

Pay Attention

While getting some shut eye on a flight, especially a long one, is ideal for many travellers - it's imperative you be aware of your surroundings on a flight. Continue to keep important items close to you and even check on your luggage if you feel uncomfortable or suspicious.