More Apps To Make Travel Easier Than Ever

Woman using her cell phone in front of Eiffel Tower Here on Rise Gear, we love a good travel app. As we become more dependant on our mobile devices, these apps do everything from book flights and hotels, find our way around,  help us stay organized, translate and so much more to make our global adventures as smooth as possible. There are many reliable favourites, but with technology constantly advancing and evolving, there's always new apps to try that will make it easier for us to explore and satisfy our wanderlust. Here's just a few more apps to make travel easier in 2016 and beyond.


Skyscanner is perfect for those who want to keep an eye on changing airfare prices without having to check for those changes everyday. By signing up with your email, price rise and fall updates are sent to your inbox on a daily basis. It's the best way to figure out the best day to book as you can follow the trends and wait until the best day to book.


While dictionaries are handy in countries where you're not fluent in the local language, they don't take into account things like syntax, context, and verb tense when creating sentence and phrasing for simple questions and comments. Bravolol is a great tool to have handy for translating your requests quickly and simply - offering a grammatically correct result and not just a clumsy direct translation. Not only that, the phrases and broken down into frequently used categories, and you can play the phrase out loud so you know how to pronounce it correctly.


This app organizes all of your flight, hotel, rental car, event, restaurant and more bookings into a single digital itinerary that allows you to know what to do next without sorting through numerous confirmation emails.


In large, bustling cities it can be easy to get lost but apps like CityMapper will keep you on track. With maps made simple enough to quickly understand, you can then create itineraries with a journey planning feature, in addition to traffic and weather reports and updates to warn you what it will be like before you head out.



Whether you take your own carrier's roaming package or opt to use an unlocked device with the local service, getting a phone up & running on mobile service and data ends up being pretty costly. For most smartphones, it's easy to connect to wi-fi anywhere in the world to use certain features, apps and social media but communication can still be tricky. With Whatsapp, it's essentially free messaging, texting and calls anywhere you have an internet connection.

With all these apps available, there will be updates and new ones to come in the next few months to make your travel experience more seamless than ever.