How Travel Can Make You Happier & Healthier

Paris Eiffel tower tourist happy backpacking in Europe. Cheerful smiling woman tourist showing thumbs up success sign in front of Eiffel Tower, Paris. Beautiful Asian Caucasian female model.Whether your trips is a few days or a few weeks, travelling to a new destination is always a rush of excitement. Not without its hiccups, the entire process is enough to put anyone in a better mood. As enjoyable as seeing the world can be, it should come as no surprise that it does wonder for our mental, and ultimately overall, health in a serious way. Even going away for a weekend can help to boost you mood, inspire you and make you more productive once you get back. Here are just a few ways travelling makes us happier and healthier; and why you should do more of it in 2016 and beyond.

Reduces Stress

Travelling can help you reduce life stress in a big way. While you may not always be able to completely disconnect, travelling is a good way to put at least some of your usual responsibilities on hold, as well as unplug from the digital world that's become such an important part of our lives. Many of our daily stressors are related to some type of routine often involving work, school or both. Travelling for many can feel a bit like starting over, allowing us to return to our daily duties with a recharged mind,  fresh ideas and new energy.

You Never Stop Learningtravel-health-tips-header

Every time we travel, we're learning whether we realize it or not. From the simple words and phrases we pick up before and during our trip, figuring out how to get around, visiting cultural sites like museums and galleries, even conversations you have with local people and fellow traveller can teach you something brand new.

Meeting New People

Not only are you exposed to brand new scenery and locations, but also brand new people everywhere you go. Typically, the best attraction, shopping, food or event suggestions will come from those who are local to your destination, so reaching out to them may be tricky but definitely worth it. If you're a regular solo traveller, meeting new people will make all the difference on your trip; and it's easy to make lifelong friends around the world in the process.

1392944808-travel-habits-how-stay-healthy-fit-roadCombat Seasonal Depression

Depending on where you live, the winter months mean everything gets a bit colder and darker than usual - and that can last for most of the year. With shorter days and much more overcast, you start to miss out on some serious Vitamin D - something we usually get when the sun is up & out. This lack of Vitamin D can lead to mood swings, fatigue and even depression in some people; and although there are supplements you can take there's nothing quite like the real thing. Travelling somewhere a little warmer and brighter during winter can give you just enough of an extra boost of energy to hold you over until the end of winter back home.

Boosts Confidence

Whether it's mastering a language through immersion, finding your way around a large, new metropolis or planning a trip full of activities that went off without a hitch, travel can give us a major confidence boost in our abilities. It's not uncommon for some to feel intimidated by being in a new place, around new people and new situations; or even to tense up in ones we know may frustrate us like a flight delay or cancellation - but making your way through these roadblocks can be a great way to make us feel at ease about what we're capable of. Don't be afraid to pack everything you need in high quality luggage like our Rise Gear bags and hit the road. Happy Travels!