How To Travel The World On A Budget

Travelling the world can seem understandably daunting, especially when you add up the dollars and cents of it. From pricey connecting flights, to deciding between hotels and hostels, it can all add up pretty quickly and seem out of reach for many. There are still plenty of ways to find yourself across the globe without having to break the bank or dip deep into savings! Check out some of our tips for how to travel the world on a budget. Pins in Map


Finding a job in a brand new country isn't an easy task, but it's your best bet for keeping a consistent cash flow and allowing you to make your trip as long as you want it to be. Teaching English is a common go-to for those who want to travel and earn income at the same time, however there are many websites and forums that give insight and assistance on acquiring work visas and steady positions outside of that. Some of these positions offer additional support such as room and board or subsidized housing, meals, a daily stipend separate from your salary and more.  Another option is working remotely. With the rise of office-free startups & small businesses as well as larger corporations trying new work dynamics, there's tons of opportunities to take your job on the road. Whether you score a job already built for it, or you're certain you'll still be productive out of office and can convince your boss to make the switch; being able to work in another city or country is the perfect way to continue to make income while on your travels. As long as you have an internet connection and a moderately quiet place to hammer out the agreed amount of hours of work per week, you have the rest of your time to explore all the new ground right outside your doorstep.


There's many opportunities to volunteer in developing communities in exchange for room & board. Not only will you get to experience new places and cultures, but you'll be putting your time and efforts towards good causes. Be sure to do thorough research on the area you're thinking of heading to so you have a full understanding of how you can help. Check out websites like,, and to find out how you can help all over the world.

House Sit

This is an option most people don't think of, but there's tons of opportunity to house-sit for people who have the travel itch just like you. Whether they're gone for business or leisure, there are those that still need mail checked (to prevent from being a target of theft by those who know they're away) or have pets or plants that need tending. Many websites cater specifically to this, matching homeowners with trustworthy sitters in exchange for a place to stay. Keep in mind you won't always get the exact dates you were hoping to travel, so stay generally flexible to when and where you're headed. Also, keep location, a host's house rules and proximity in mind before accepting a house-sitting job. Websites like and can point you in the right direction.


This works particularly well if you have a great story to tell! Hoping to volunteer? Make a documentary or write a book about your travels? All of these things are perfect for websites like Kickstarter , Indiegogo, and GoFundMe.

Make Use Of Credit Card Points & Discounts

AH0FXN Various Credit Cards Most major credit cards have point systems that let you put racked up points towards all kinds of purchases - one of them being airfare. Websites like help you find the best ways to make the most of your credit cards, frequent flier miles and more. However you choose to do it, it's always a good idea to give in to your wanderlust! Always be prepared & pack well using one of our Rise Gear bags, and get ready to take off!