How To Save Money At The Airport

Whether you're waiting to head to you destination or on your way back, its inevitable for a traveller to end up in the airport for at least some period of time. Between getting through customs, delays, unforseen circumstances & more; being surrounded by restaurants and places to shop can tempt you into spending money you should really don't have to. Why spend your hard-earned cash before you even start your trip? Here are just a few tips on how to save money at the airport.


Come Prepared

Those last minute travel-sized essentials are widely available for reasonable prices from dollar stores to pharmacies. Once you step into the airport however, all bets are off and it's possible to pay 5 times as much for items that you would have been better served buying beforehand (or after you land!)d1e098a3ef082bc7d3e62fa638b9c36c

Pack Your Snacks

It's no secret that food at the airport is grossly overpriced. Everything from water to pre-packaged sandwiches ring in at premium prices if you buy them just before takeoff. While you should visit an awesome airport-based restaurant, snacks and other smaller food items are better off coming from home.draft_lens18865634module155033343photo_1321373530on_the_go_snacks

Bring Entertainment

Books and magazines are great ways to occupy yourself before your flight and during layovers etc, but having to buy them from an airport newstand or souvenir shop is an unnecessary expense. To keep your carry on from getting weighed down, invest in a tablet and load the digital copies of your favourite books and magazines right onto them; along with music, seasons of TV shows and music.airport5

Shop Local

This is especially true for souvenirs. Grab your home-bound trinkets at craft markets, local vendors and retailers not only for a less inflated price-point; but something more unique and reflective of the country you're in. Anyone can get a shot glass with a flag on it, but handmade items or things with cultural significance not only make for a way more unique keepsake, but you're putting money directly back into the economy. 800px-Otavalo_market Most of us would much rather spend our money in our new destination; not while in transit! This is why it's important to be prepared, and have all your snacks, entertainment and other essentials in a high quality carry-on bag like one of our Rise Gear bags! Happy Travels!