How To Complete Your Travel Bucket List

travel bucket list Eiffel TowerFor any seasoned traveller, it's likely that they have a bucket list of places they want to see in the future. Journeys we hope to embark on at some point in the next few months or years, and we plan well for them. Sometimes, these plans get derailed for any number of reasons and we can find out list getting longer and longer as more time passes, so how do you get it all back on track? Here are just a few ways you can complete your travel bucket list in 2016

Plan Ahead

Any travel idea you have needs adequate time to plan. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day functions of our lives that finding the time to sit down and plan out a vacation could constantly get pushed to the back burner. Take some time to hash out a few places or regions you wouldn't mind exploring, and see what works best for your budget and time. It will be important to do any research you can so you're as prepared as you can be no matter where you decide to go.

Be Flexible

ask around ask friends travel bucket listOne of the best pieces of advice about to ensure you cross more things off your travel bucket list is to be open and flexible. There's many countries to visit and each will come with a brand new experience and give you new kinds of inspiration. Having a set list of places you want to go to is great but be open to the idea of trying new places, or crossing items off your list in a different order or time frames than you originally planned. This type of flexibility can do wonders for making your travelling much more cost-effective, as prices can change based on destination, time of year you plan to go, even the day of the week you book your flight. Keeping the journey in mind regardless of the destination will help you see more of the world than always sticking to a rigid list.

Ask Around

You never know if your friends may want to go to the same places are you, and as wonderful as solo travel can be it's always nice to have a travel buddy. Be vocal about your bucket list and see who might want to go along with you. You never know what types of adventures you may cook up when putting 2 or more heads together, helping you cross even more things off your travel bucket list.

airport layover travel bucket listLove the Layover

We usually let out an audible groan when we see a long, unavoidable layover in the middle of our trip; but is it really that bad? Embrace this extra time in transit and think of it as a stopover trip. Airports tend to be close to city centres, so if you have over 6 hours to kill it's the perfect time to get out and explore a little. Depending on where you're headed, the airport may offer shuttled tours that keep time in mind and will have you back at the airport just in time for your next flight.

Explore Your Backyard

Travelling doesn't have to mean heading to a far-flung destination, there's so much of the world that can explored in your own city or ones nearby. Try your hand at a few "staycations" and get to know more about your own city, province, state and country by checking out all the art galleries, museums and attractions that you pass on a daily basis but never think to visit. You would be surprised how many people have never seen more than the day-to-day necessities of places they were born and raised in. With less time spent in transit since you're already there (or close by), you have even more time to enjoy and learn about the places right around you. It's important to not only get as much out of your travel experiences as possible, but also be well prepared while you're at it. No matter where you go, skip the search and organize your essentials by packing with Rise Gear Luggage, your clothes will thank you. Happy Travels!