Food Festivals Around The World

Here on Rise Gear, we've talked about both food and festivals, but never together! Cuisine is more than enough reason for some to head to a particular destination, with many foodies hoping to eat their way around the world. Each festival provides an opportunity to connect to the local culture by way of food, and typically gives you a chance to sample a handful of different dishes if you're feeling adventurous. Here are a few of the most interesting food festivals from every corner of the globe!
Mid Autumn Festival - All Across Asia (September, October)
Also known as the Mooncake Festival, the harvest celebration's speciality is a sweet round cake made with lotus paste and an egg yolk centre all as an offering to the Goddess of the Moon.
Pizzafest - Naples, Italy (Mid-September)
Held in the popular food's birthplace, this 4-day festival combines music and live performances with everyone's long time favourite dish. Head into authentic pizzerias to see your pizza from dough-throwing start to fresh-baked finish.   11623H-460x307
Taste MTL - Montreal, Canada (Early November)
This 11-day festival allows visitors to explore any one of the many restaurants in the city who offer prix-fixes menus to bring even more life to an already bustling culinary scene. From traditional French & Italian cuisine to local favourites like Poutine, you can find it all here.   FOOD_ZAP0817
Barbados Food, Wine & Rum Festival - Barbados  (Mid to Late November)
Referred to as the "culinary capital of the Caribbean", this tropical festival is perfect for lovers of seafood and spicy, savoury dishes (and beautiful views!) While there's many festivals under the "food & wine" banner, the addition of rum is a nod to the drink's prevalence all across the West Indies and its important to Bajan culture.   1263314911_offer_Where2stay-southAfrica-Oyster-Festival-Knysna Seafood lovers, rejoice. This 10-day event combines food, sports & family for a fun-filled festival. Attracting over 70,000 visitors annually, you won't be the only one there to enjoy raw & gourmet cooked oysters, along with sporting events, wine tastings, concerts, and workshops.   mendoza-capital-9
Grape Harvest Festival - Mendoza, Argentina (Early March)
This festival in Argentina's wine country is one of the most popular in the region. With it's carnival atmosphere, visitors can wander and head to events like wine or chocolate tastings as well as live concerts and fireworks. The harvest celebration even crowns a Harvest Queen annually. With any event, it's important to check the exact dates they fall on as they may change from year to year, so pack your essentials in one of our Rise Gear bags & follow your palate and head to any of these festivals. Happy Travels!