Choosing Travel Insurance & Other Safety Tips

Often when we travel we sometimes forget how important it is to take the necessary precautions to make sure we not only enjoy of time abroad, but in a way that keeps us out of harm's way. Here's a few tips on staying safe while you Keep Your Valuables Close Mobile device, wallet, passport, credit cards. It's best to keep all of these things as close to you as possible - even on your person instead of in a large purse. When carrying any type of bag, be sure it's securely closed with the closure facing your body so it can't be opened without you noticing. There are clips & hidden harnesses you can store money and other small important items in to keep it literally strapped to your body at all times.   backup-info-sheetPrint Out & Make Copies Of Your Documents In the unfortunate event that you lose an important document like your passport or a credit card, it's important to have some sort of record of them so you have an easier time replacing it during your trip. For your passport in particular, having a photocopy and other ways to prove your identity will be imperative to getting a new one. most countries will have an embassy office of your home country located somewhere, so heading there as soon as you can with your photocopies will help expedite the entire process. Also, having printed copies of your flight & hotel itinerary, car rental agreement & more can be a great help if there's a system glitch that prevents your order from being found. You may not always have access to wi-fi to pull these receipts up from your mobile email, so having the printed versions on hand could potentially save you a world of headache. These receipts may contain a piece of information that can help them verify your reservation some other way. Skip The High End Stuff As much as we may want to look our best when on vacation, it may be a good idea to leave the most costly of your valuables at home. Unless you come with your own security detail, the more expensive the jewellery appears, the higher the chances are that someone will want it for themselves.  It may also be a better idea to leave the expensive electronics at home unless you absolutely require them for work. Many hotels have in-room safes to store these types of things, but keep in mind these aren't huge vaults that can fit a plethora of items, so you may have to cut back on the items you bring along.Even aside from theft, imagine losing something valuable in a country you don't live in, don't know your way around outside of a specific radius, and may not return to for a long time. The chances of you being reunited with any lost items are slim to none. Pay Close Attention Many pickpockets and other con artists employ a variety of distractions when trying to get to your cash of valuables, so be aware of strangers who come into your personal space. Your valuables should already be close to you, but take extra care when faced with situations where there seems to be a lot of commotion in your general vicinity; especially if it came out of nowhere. Choose The Right Insurancetop-travel-insurance-companies So many times, we don't consider insurance an important expense before we hit the road but it's something you should really take into consideration no matter where you're headed and how long you plan to stay. These plans cover everything from hospital stays, surgery and other treatments up to a certain amount of money and return airfare if your trip is cut short due to illness or injury. If you're a frequent traveller, most providers also offer an annual option that covers you for the entire calendar year. Many banks offer this type of insurance, so you can easily it to your next adventure at the same time as exchanging your currency. Taking this step could save you a lot of money, time and stress later on. It's important not only to have fun trips, but to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. Pack smart with one of our Rise Gear bags and keep these tips in mind, and you'll be off to a great start. Happy Travels!