Best Travel Hashtags To Use (& Search!)

By now, you've seen our other posts about Instagram accounts you should be following to be inspired about travel but how can you find more? Or maybe, you'd like if more than just your family and friends knew about your adventures. The most common way to find things on various forms of social media are #hashtags. Much like categories or tagging, #hashtags help us find images, posts, accounts, videos and more about a specific topic on platforms where there's an assortment of streamed content but no real way to organize. Clicking on or searching a hashtag will show you only the posts relevant to what you've searched - as long as the poster used the hashtag, that it. That's why in addition to finding new & amazing travel posts and accounts to like, share and follow, it's important to use tags properly so like-minded travellers can find your posts and accounts also. Online communities of passionate travellers have been built especially over the last few years through this type of sharing and connecting. Here are just a few of our favourite hashtags to use on pictures of your travels, as well as search when you're looking for your next trip.


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Of course, hashtags of countries, regions and cities are a great places to start. Coupled with the ever-present #travel hashtag, they help narrow down those posts so you can see snapshots of a specific place or let others know that's where you are or have been. This is a great hashtag to follow to get ideas of places to visit when you finally visit that particular destination, as people from all over and from a wide variety of travel experiences will add their own spin to their posts and offer individual perspectives of their time there. This is a great place to start to find all kinds of content about anywhere from #Bali to #Barbados.


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This is a great hashtag for a number of reasons. Tons of people wait for Tuesdays in particular to save or re-share their favourite travel content and images, so there's a wealth of content to tap into if you look for it. From images and blog posts to travel deals, this hashtag is widespread enough that all types of users take advantage of it to share their travel related stuff. Stick to posting on Tuesdays when using the hashtag, but you can check it out any day of the week to see what you may have missed.


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This is a great hashtag for people that love architecture, design and great shoes as much as they love travel. Typically from a bird's eye view perspective, the hashtag is a vibrant collection of interesting and colourful floors, carpets, cobblestone and pavement and the feet that hit them from all over the world. You'd be surprised how much about a place you can know simply by seeing distinctive floors. Especially in places whose architecture can be dates back by centuries, it's truly like stepping back in time to walk where many have walked before you. Don't be afraid to get a cool snapshot downward as you walk or shuffling to the side and out of the way if you're a bit of a perfectionist.


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This one is straightforward enough and also super relatable. Generally, we dressed our most comfortable during our flight but that doesn't mean you can't fly in style. Sneakers of all kinds show up in this hashtag, and you may even see a pair you've never seen before. If you have great sneakers on, go ahead and get a shot of them during your flight. Bonus points if you can somehow get the seat window in the shot too!


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This is probably one of the most popular travel hashtags there is, with tens of millions of posts on it at any given time. It will show you a wide array of people, destinations, experiences, inspiration and ideas for your own trip. Don't be afraid to use this hashtag whenever you hit the road so others can share in your experiences with you. No matter what #hashtag you use you click on, stay open minded about the experiences you see and the ones you want to share; and remember that your next bucket list addition might come from anywhere.