Best Gifts For Travellers

With a few gift-giving holidays around the corner, it's the perfect time to give the travellers in your life with things that will make their next adventures better than ever. From convenience to style, there are endless gift choices and possibilities for occasional and frequent travellers alike. Here's just a few of our favourite gifts for travellers!


Rise Gear LuggageScreen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.05.04 PM

Of course, Rise Gear luggage is one of the best gifts you can give a traveller. Our innovative collapsable shelving design is compact enough to take anywhere but expandable enough to neatly hold all of your essentials while you're away. Available in a variety of sizes and colours and coming in roller, weekender and duffel bag options, it will be easy to give the perfect one. Perfect for the smart traveller, all of our bags meet carry-on requirements so you can be sure all your most important items are close by during your whole journey. With pockets, zipped areas and other inserts on the exterior of the bag, it's perfect for keeping your go-to items, like passports, credit cards and mobile devices, right at your fingertips.  

Go Pro CameraBN-ET239_GOPROH_P_20140928195600

For adventure travellers who thrive on high adrenaline experiences and the like, GoPro cameras offer the perfect way to capture all of these moments to relive later. This lightweight camera is extremely durable and it perfect to take along for the ride to capture everything from snowboarding to mountain climbing without having to worry about the perfect angle. These cameras come with a variety of attachments and harnesses so hands stay free for the cool stuff.  

External Batteries & Adapters

anker-rechargeable-batter-300x300 There's almost nothing worse than travelling with a dead battery and frantically looking for a place to charge your phone - which may come at a price depending on where you are. With the amount of navigation & communication apps on our devices, it's imperative for them to be on at all points during our travels. External batteries like the Anker Ultra High Capacity Battery make sure all of your devices are always charged up and ready to go, especially if you're not sure when you'll get the next opportunity to plug in. Depending what country you're travelling to, you may also encounter different outlet types than what you may be used to at home. An adapter like Monster Outlets To Go will ensure that you can power up anywhere in the globe, as it can accommodate every power outlet type there is,

Globes & Maps

Cork-Glove Travel photos last a lifetime, but incorporating your travel conquests into your home decor is a great conversation starter. Wall-sized maps can be a great gift for travellers who like to not only mark where they've been, but plan where they want to head next! Items like this Cork Globe from Uncommon Home are the perfect way to do just that by placing pins where you've visited as a visual representation of your wanderlust.  

Collapsable Water Bottle

ml_image Staying hydrated is an important part of travel, and even though you can't carry liquids onto the flight, a vessel you can refill later is an essential every traveller should have with them. As important as it is, carrying a large plastic, glass or steel water bottle can end up inconvenient or cumbersome after a while, especially if there's no space for it in your bags. This is where items like Platypus Plus Bottle comes in. Able to carry up a 1 Litre of liquid, once empty it becomes completely flat and able to be folded, rolled or simply slipped in a small crevice of your checked or carry-on luggage; and a large clip loop so you attached it to your bags so you don't lose it. Think useful but also don't be afraid to think fun when choosing gifts for the fellow travellers in your life. Happy Travels!