Best Destinations For The Budget Traveller

TravelingOnABudget In our last post we talked about some of the world's most luxurious destinations for those who love to splurge and see the world in extravagant style. On the other end of the scale, are much more budget-friendly options, ideal for those who are more interested in travelling frequently, seeing more of the world and engrossing themselves in each country's culture as much as they can. Here, we go through some of our favourite budget friendly destinations.


bali-travel-tips It's hard to believe a place as beautiful as Bali is so budget-friendly. There are luxurious hotels and spas available, but for the most part it will be easy for you to find low-cost locations that are nearly as nice. As one of the world's most popular holiday destinations, there's no shortage of places to choose from, but you might find some of the best deals when you're already there. Sounds risky, right? Book your first night online, but often some of the best hostels don't have websites or online booking options. So if you can find a guide willing to accommodate you, don't be afraid to ask around for the best price and negotiate a little bit until you find what works for you.


Tourism is less popular in Honduras, so this is a big part of the reason it's much easier on the wallet. There is still tons of hotels and activities for travellers, however more popular destinations nearby like Mexico and Costa Rica keep it from becoming a tourism hotbed, which would inevitably drive prices up. For travellers who like nature-filled adventures, jungle expeditions, rich history and no frills hotels that can be booked for as little as $12 a night, Honduras is perfect.


Situated close to travel hubs like Italy, France and England, Portugal sometimes gets glossed over in the adventure plans of  many. With great seafood, amazing wine and so much action in the capital city of Lisbon, it's worth visiting even for just a few days as part of a larger European exploration. Sticking to local food, hostel or guest house lodging and planning around free cost activities (stick to Sundays for sightseeing, when many attractions waive their entrance fees) will keep your budget well under €50.  


Though worldwide hotel chains are readily available, sticking to guest house rentals will save you tons of cash and ring in at about $30-$50 a night, depending on where you stay. In some parts, you can even sign up to stay in a temple for an almost free stay - vegetarian food and yoga classes included. Even if you do choose a hotel, you'll still be able to find one within a reasonable price. Sticking to local food will also be a huge money saver, with traditional Indian street food available at almost every corner for dirt cheap. The most expensive part of this trip will likely be the flight, but once you land almost anything can be had for a bargain.  

Dominican Republic

Catalina Island, La Romana, Dominican Republic. A line of bright painted bungalows nearby the cost line, shaded with palm trees (landscape). As the most visited country in the Caribbean, you would think it would be much more expensive to visit; however with a plethora of all-inclusive packages and flights on many budget airlines, the island it's one of the most budget friendly destinations on the list.With a wide variety of dining options and world-class hotels, finding one that suits your accommodation needs will be very easy. Even if you decide against pre-packaged deals, opting for guest housing will still keep you well under budget for a stay of a few days to a week.