Best Destinations For Arts & Culture Lovers

Théâtre-du-Gymnase-Marie-BellWe all travel for different reasons. Every corner of the globe is approached with different intents and inspirations all the time, and one of the biggest draws across the board is arts & culture. Learning about a place through these expressions is one of the best ways to learn about  it, so it should come as no surprise that it motivates people from around the world to visit new spaces and places. Whether it's museums and galleries, or live music and theatre, here are some of the world's best destinations for arts & culture lovers! Milan Milan is known not only for fashion and chic refinement, but also for lovers of theatre and opera and the rich history they've done a wonderful job of capturing and keeping track of. The Corso Como area is one of the best places to enjoy all the pre-performance luxury, while La Scala provides a beautiful backdrop for some of the most world renowned performances. Not only that, historical architecture, over 100 museums and art galleries litter this beautiful city, so take advantage of places like Museo Poldi Pezzoli and Museo del Risorgimento. broadway New York Home to what may be the most well known theatre district in the world, New York City lives up to its reputation of bright lights and dazzling shows. Broadway is home to an array of nightly shows, from highly publicized shows to off-broadway plays in smaller or even hidden venues. There's shows for nearly every personal taste you can think of, and with Times Square close by you're always steps away from great pre and post show food and drink options in some of Manhattan's best restaurant. Tokyo Tokyo's vast size will mean you may need a few days to experience just about everything, but there are some truly unique experiences that will be important not to miss. A unique mix of fast paced modernism with culture-heavy traditionalism, museums of art, nature and history are sprinkled all over the city - in addition to parks and temples open to the public. Be sure to check out some of the smaller theatres in & around the city, like OperaCity in Hatsudai or jazz clubs and comedy clubs in places like  Setagaya-ku’s Carrot Tower. For something a bit more traditional, be sure to experience Kabuki theatre accompanies by Japanese music and instrumentation. Head to the largest theatre for this, Kabuki-Za, to get some of the best seats in the city. LondonLondon West End Theatre arts culture London is of course, one of the most historically rich cities in the world - and there's no shortage of ways to learn more about it from one of the many galleries and museums the city has to offer. You can see the  some of the world's most famous works at The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. London also has one of the most bustling theatre districts; from the West End to summertime shows in the open-air theatre and Regent's Park. Take tours around Theatreland, which is the home of multiple theatre houses and stages all around the heart of central London. Paris Paris is an interesting mix of more conventional art to the more modern and avant-garde; much like the fashion the city is well known for. From The Louvre to the Moulin Rouge, there's tons to see and experience to graspe the true artistic spirit of the City of Lights. Paris is home to some of the most important theatres in the world, such as Opera Bastille and the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord - one of the only places in the city to see plays performed in English. No matter where you go, and why, it's important to be well-prepared and pack using your Rise Gear luggage. Happy Travels!