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6 Snack Foods From Around The World

January 07, 2016

11_snacks No matter what country you go to, you're bound to find snack foods; particularly ones you've never seen before. Maybe a local will suggest it to you, the packaging will simply catch your eye or you'll stumble across it on lists just like this one. No matter how you find it, the end result is still the same: you will undoubtedly indulge several times during your trip and attempt to bring as much of it home as possible to "share" before it eventually runs out. If you're okay with this kind of heartbreak, check out our list of 10 of our favourite snack foods from around the world; and give them a try when you land.
Soldanza Plantain Chips | Jamaica11280019_396887143826558_1576704904_n
Plantain chips are popular all over the Caribbean, and come in a variety of flavours much like any other type of chip. Thinly sliced plantain is deep fried to crispy perfection before being salted, seasoned or packaged plain. While they may look a lot like bananas in their natural state; plantains have a tougher interior and green skin to differentiate it from it's more well-known yellow counterpart. This brand, along with many others, can be found almost anywhere in Jamaica from convenience stores to roadside stands.
Takis  | Mexicos643667121527569464_p231_i5_w608
With flavours like Crunchy Fajita, Guacamole, Nitro, Fuego Hot Chili Pepper and Lime and Salsa Brava, it's not wonder this import is so popular. You can get select flavours at stores that carry plenty of other foods and products from Latin America, but there's nothing like the real deal.
Smash | Norway63871747_7354a5efa7

Sweet & salty snacks are commonplace all over the world, and this Norwegian treat takes a snack that may be familiar to some and completely covers them in chocolate. With cone-shaped corn chips as the base, this snack is the perfect combination of crunchy and smooth textures.

Tim Tam | Australiatimtam
Nothing says decadence like crunchy cookies filled with creme and caramel and coated with milk chocolate. Hitting the market in 1964, it's also available in a variety of coatings including white chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel and dark chocolate mint. Tim Tam also takes milk & cookies to a whole new level, as you can bite the corners off and drink either warm or cold beverages right through it.  
Biltong | South Africabiltong
Though this dried meat is seasoned and salted much like it's North American counterpart Jerky, Biltong has been a mainstay snack in Southern Africa for centuries. Originally used as a way to preserve food for long journeys, the snack has spread around the world to other countries with significant South African populations. Typically beef is used, much like jerky, but there are available variations of all kinds of meant including Ostrich.
Speculoos Butter | Belgiumlotus_speculoos_spread_1827372248
It may look like peanut butter, but this creamy spread is actually made out of cookies. Spiced, shortbread type biscuits are broken down, crushed and mixed in with various oils into a creamy confection, ready to be spread on just about anything. The thin, crunch cookie used in the spread, also called Speculoos, is usually only available during the holiday season and baked just ahead of St. Nicholas' Feast in early December; so in some ways the butter is a way to enjoy the taste year-round. For any travelling foodie or snack-lover, it's important to get familiar with the on-the-go foods to bring back with you once your trip is over. It's also important to have a functional bag to carry it all by using one of our Rise Gear bags. Happy Travels!